Humble Demon Games

We are humble. This site houses web-based point and click adventures made with the PCG engine.

There is one half-baked test game here.

Shmoe's Escape

Can Shmoe escape? Features music you have to click to play.

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Instruction Manual
===Shmoe's Escape!===

Shmoe's Escape! is a simple point-and-click adventure game made for the PCG Engine. 

You play as Shmoe, who's just woken up in a cell for some reason. You don't remember why you're there or even who you are, 
beyond the name. But the first step to getting out is to find the key. 

The goal of the game is to find the key! Once you've found it, you win the game! 

Talk to the others locked in the cell with you to find clues! You can either TALK to them, LOOK at them, or ask them 
WHERE the key is hidden, WHEN they were put in prison, and WHY they were put in prison.